Positive Self Exploration

with Michael Greene, MA, CRPO (College of Registered Psychotherapists)

Positive Self Exploration

with Michael Greene, MA, CRPO (College of Registered Psychotherapists)

About Michael Greene, MA, CRPO

I have always been interested in what makes the world tick. I pursued this interest with my studies in history and political science in university. After university I travelled, worked in a scrapyard, did furniture moving, courier delivery and worked as a driver for the disabled. I then followed this up with social service jobs in the YMCA and the government. However, I still felt unfulfilled both in work and in my search regarding life. And gradually it came to me: people, and what drives them have created all of history. And in this way I was led to my study of psychology. 

For me it has been a perfect fit.  My past 30 years in private practice have been a dream job. Rather than being drained by ‘the problems of others’ as other people tell me I should be, I am given great energy and hope by the courageous, creative, determined and wonderful people I have worked with over the years.


Philosophy of Therapy

I see therapy in a very positive light. For me it is primarily about health not illness. I believe that the people who come to me for help are people suffering from normal human problems to one degree or another. In order to deal with these problems I need to help them see their strengths. When they are able to connect to what is solid in them, they will best deal with these problems.  With this in mind, it is also important that I relate to my clients in a kind, respectful and ‘one human to another’ manner.  Through this, comes an environment of  trust, acceptance  and safety that are the cornerstones of solid and lasting change.

While using this framework I am very eclectic and flexible in my approach to others according to their needs and abilities. And, with a depth perspective, I look beneath problems and symptoms to root causes, as I feel this produces lasting change. At the same time I work with people so that they can discover the strong and capable person beneath the problems who is able to find a solid place in life. 

Where self reflection and healing begins:

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