Positive Self Exploration

with Michael Greene, MA, CRPO (College of Registered Psychotherapists)

Positive Self Exploration

with Michael Greene, MA, CRPO (College of Registered Psychotherapists)



I don’t look at depression as a disease. It is a message. It is a message that contains important information. It is often information about events or relationships that you have been unable to process. When these accumulate over time depression can result. Depression can feel awful. It can produce a great sense of meaninglessness, hopelessness, being cut off from life and a general feeling that life is empty. 

Because it is a message, my work is to help you listen to what it contains. In fact, it is a part of you that is trying help you by giving you information that you need to deal with. I provide a safe place for a person to look within and discover what they need to know in order to regain a sense of well being.

I will guide you in taking an inventory of your life, looking at your past and present experience, examining your relationships, your work, your family history, decisions you made or didn’t make. As we learn about you I can also help you to find strategies that can enable you to cope with your life in a new way.



Grief and Loss


Loss is a constant factor in our lives. From early on there are continual changes, big and small. Over and over we are forced to adjust to loss of people, places and situations that we depend on for our security. All of these losses take a toll on us, especially the loss of those close to us in death. Many people have trouble adjusting to the loss and become emotionally stuck in unprocessed feelings such as sadness, anger and grief. 

I will work with you to help you to understand your feelings around these losses and to grieve them. When loss is not grieved it stays with us and hurts us emotionally and physically. I can also help provide you with an understanding of, not only the loss, but how the person or place you lost helped to form your life. Ultimately, I will assist you in learning how to transition and move on from the loss.


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