Beliefs About Therapy

People come to therapy because they want their lives to change. I believe change is possible–I certainly would not want to continue my work if it wasn’t. However, like life it is not a simple, quick fix.

Change requires:

Vision–who you truly see yourself to be

Motivation–being absolutely determined that you will achieve your vision

Persisitence–keeping your vision and motivation going.

A client recently told me, “You go to the roots of a problem rather than just the symptoms–that’s why I’ve changed.” That sums up my key belief about therapy. For real lasting change to happen in therapy, it is necessary to examine the underlying causes of a person’s problem.

I also believe that therapy is a collaborative affair and that a positive relationship between me and my clients is part of healing. I work as a team with the people who come to me. They are ultimately the experts about their lives. An important part of my work is to listen to what they need and to follow this information in order to help them.

I believe that if I treat clients with kindness, respect and a nonjudgmental listening that they will feel secure enough to connect to what is true within themselves.

Clients have told me, “I didn’t think I would laugh as much in therapy.” Therapy does not have to be grim and horrible, even though difficult material comes up. I am a person who sees humour, not only as a joy, but as an intelligent and helpful perspective, and I try to bring this to my sessions in a gentle manner.